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Yenny Wanid: Technology, Ecology, and Ideology Are Three Big Challenges That Future Leaders Must Answer

Jakarta- Director of the Wahid Foundation, Yenny Zannuba Chafsoh Wahid or who is usually called Yenny Wahid became a resource person in a public discussion with the theme "Grand Political Design and National Leadership" held by the University of Indonesia's School of Strategic and Global Studies (SKSG), on Monday (27 /06).

The discussion which was attended by students, members of youth organizations, academics, and students throughout Jabodetabek at the UI campus discussed Indonesia's challenges and leadership directions to face the future in the midst of globalization with the challenges of technological progress, ecological damage, and the intersection between ideologies.

According to Yenny, these three challenges must be answered by future leaders of Indonesia. "In the context of national politics, it doesn't matter who the presidential candidate is, the important thing is that together we can answer these three big challenges. Well, that's my position there," Yenny said.

According to Yenny, technological challenges in Indonesia include efforts to prevent other countries from being left behind in terms of technology utilization and the ability to educate the public, so that they can communicate well in the digital world.

“One of our challenges with technology is the way we interact with each other. we are in a virtual world, and in a virtual world sometimes we like it our way. By the way, we also like it because we think anonymous. We do not understand there is such a thing as a digital foot print. The digital footprint will never be lost. Be careful when posting and commenting, even if you use an anonymous account, you can still be traced. Because once everything is digital, everything will be traceable,” explained Yenny, giving an overview of the technological challenges.

On the other hand, data security and the challenges of jobs replaced by technology are also the main focus in the development of existing technologies.

In terms of ecological challenges, Yenny said it is related to climate change and some people who have lost their homes due to conflict, war, or natural resource problems, such as dry water.

Regarding ideological challenges, the daughter of former president Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur said Indonesia needed to face efforts to prevent the spread of transnational ideology that tried to replace Pancasila.