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Yenny Wahid: Community Interaction Space is Very Important to Mitigate Divided Narratives

Sumedang – Director of the Wahid Foundation, Yenny Wahid attended the Studium Generale with the theme "Anticipating Radicalism and Intolerance Movements in the Life of the Nation and State" at the Institute of Domestic Administration (IPDN) Jatinangor, West Java, last Wednesday (22/06).

Yenny who was present at the studio generale acted as a resource person explaining intolerance and radicalism. According to him, what needs to be done in countering and suppressing the radical narrative that divides society is the need to create spaces for interaction between people.

"Interaction among members of the community is important. Interaction spaces to discuss each other, to get along with each other, have dialogue, make friends, do activities together, are important to be held so we can get to know each other," he said.

He also emphasized that it is very important to have a space for interaction to mitigate the narratives that divide between communities.

"Once we get to know each other, we know that our goals are the same, we both want to get the best education, we both want to go to worship in comfort and peace in our respective places of worship. However, political narratives are often divided, For this reason, the space for interaction between communities is very important to mitigate the dividing narrative," he concluded.