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BNPT and Wahid Foundation Hold a Workshop on Partnership Forum Design

Wahid Foundation and the Deputy for Cooperation and International Relations of the Indonesian National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) held a Partnership Forum Design Workshop I at the Mercure Sabang hotel in Jakarta on Monday (25/07). The workshop was aimed at drafting a guiding document for the establishment of a partnership forum at the national level as mandated by RAN PE (Action Plan for Prevention of Violent Extremism Leading to Terrorism) in the Action Plan pillar 3 focus 1 on the partnership between government and stakeholders in the community.

Director of Regional and Multilateral Cooperation of BNPT RI, Zaim Nasution said that the design of the partnership platform will be formed as a guide to strengthen the collaboration and coordination between the government and community to maximize the implementation of the RAN PE.

In addition, as stated by Mujtaba Hamdi, executive director of Wahid Foundation, the establishment of the partnership forum was based on the result of Wahid Foundation's research. It was later strengthened by the report of one-year implementation of RAN PE by BNPT RI which stated that one of the important achievements of the one-year implementation of RAN PE is the establishment of positive coordination between Ministries/agencies in implementing RAN PE, including reaffirming the role of civil society organizations and the initiation of local governments on the importance of supporting the implementation of the RAN PE. Therefore, the establishment of a partnership forum needs to be fully supported.

In the workshop, many ideas were discussed and formulated, including; the partnership forum genera concept, structure, working mechanism, benefits and opportunities, rights and obligations, forum period, objectives, scope of partnership, and so on.