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Yenny Wahid Receives an Award from the Japanese Government

Jakarta - The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded the Director of the Wahid Foundation, Yenny Zannuba Wahid, for his significant contribution in building Indonesia-Japan relations.

Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Kanasugi Kenji said the second daughter of the Fourth Indonesian President, Gus Dur, was committed to promoting a democratic, pluralistic and tolerant society based on moderate ideas.

"He has a long track record in promoting friendly relations between Japan and Indonesia, both through various cultural exchange efforts and through more specific collaborative work," said Ambassador Kanasugi Kenji at the award ceremony, Thursday night (16/6/2022). .

Yenny Wahid is also considered successful in developing the Peace Village initiative, which is a joint initiative of the Wahid Foundation and UN Women to strengthen women at the grassroots level in preventing intolerance and violent extremism. The Japanese government gave significant support to the development of Peace Village, especially in the early pilot phase. Since 2017, Desa Damai has reached out to thousands of grassroots women in more than 30 villages on the island of Java, and is now expanding outside of Java.

According to Ambassador Kenji, the award is expected to further mobilize individuals and organizations that play a strong role in advancing friendship and cooperation between Japan and Indonesia.

"We really appreciate this collaboration that produces extraordinary benefits. Desa Damai is a Wahid Foundation program led by Mrs. Yenny Wahid to strengthen women as agents of peace through economic strengthening, leadership training and strengthening understanding of tolerance and diversity," said Ambassador Kenji.

The Japanese government also considers that Yenny Wahid has played a lot of roles in strengthening Indonesia-Japan relations in various fields, including in the fields of politics, economy, education, social and culture.

"We have the same strategic interests and goals as well as universal values, such as democracy, the rule of law, and have the same energy to strengthen mutual understanding and relations between Japan and Indonesia," he said.

"It will not only benefit both countries, but also contribute to the prosperity and stability of the region and its surroundings," he added.

Meanwhile, Director of the Wahid Foundation Yenny Wahid expressed his gratitude to the Government of Japan for the award given to him.

"Of course this is a very deep form of support for the efforts we have made, namely to create a peaceful, tolerant, prosperous and prosperous society," said Yenny.

For Yenny, the award from the Japanese Government is not only a form of appreciation for herself, but also an appreciation for the thousands of women who have been contributing and dedicated to the Peace Village program.

"It is these tough women who are the real recipients of this appreciation. I accept this award on their behalf," he said.

Yenny added that the Desa Damai program was also built to strengthen villages to face various challenges, including the challenges of pandemic and technological disruption.

For Yenny, the disruption of the pandemic and technology that has the potential to divide society needs to be faced with a systematic strategy. It aims to ensure that society can overcome future challenges.

"So that social cohesion is maintained, society is not divided, and is able to overcome the crises that occur," added Yenny. (wf)