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Training Model for Working Groups and Women Activating Peaceful Villages

As a country with a majority Muslim population, Indonesia is actually composed of people with diverse ethnic backgrounds, religions, economic conditions and thoughts. In the last decade, there has been an increase in radicalism and terrorism in Indonesia.

The latest phenomenon, groups that support radicalism and terrorism are groups of people who have received military training as the terrorists before. But they are people who have a great interest in hardline Islam and then dedicated themselves and their families to serving in acts of terror. This group of people who carry out jihadis is considered to have obtained information about radical Islam and terrorism from the media, social media and religious lectures both in the village and in the city. This shows that the spread of intolerance and violent extremism through religious media has spread to remote villages in Indonesia.

In this regard, radicalism and terrorism are then defined as new forms of security threats. Security does not only focus on the order and security of a country, but human-centered security. In other words, security must include the human element as a central point.

The Training Module for Women who Motivate Peaceful Villages is basically a reference in developing the capacity of village stakeholders, peaceful village working groups, and groups
women in promoting the values ??of tolerance and prevention of violence against women, intolerance and violent extremism. The approach to human security and gender justice is used as the main reference in the preparation of this module.

This module is divided into main sections. The first section focuses on the discussion of approaches to human security and gender justice in the prevention and handling of violence against women, intolerance and violent extremism in the implementation of the peaceful village action plan (Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3). The second part focuses on efforts to prevent and deal with intolerance, violent extremism and violence against women within the framework of international and national law (Modules 4 to Module 8). While the final part of the module discusses the follow-up plan for training participants related to efforts to protect and empower women at the village level.

Download Modil Pelatihan untuk Kelompok Kerja dan Perempuan Penggerak Desa Damai (pdf)