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Wahid Foundation Holds FGD with Pokja School of Peace in Central Java

Semarang - In order to realize that there are no cases of tolerance in schools in Central Java, the Wahid Foundation held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to refine the draft proposal for a peace school policy.

The FGD became a dialogue space to share experiences as well as share tips on running the Peace School program to create schools that are pro-tolerance and anti-radicalism with the aim of developing policy recommendations for the National Strategy for the Prevention of Intolerance and Radicalism as part of efforts to prevent intolerance.

The FGD which lasted for two days, starting from June 2 to 3, 2021, had the aim of making the draft proposals available to the Central Java provincial government. This can be seen from the five schools that are partners in developing peace schools, requiring structural and cultural strength.

Structurally, peace schools can only be run with government policies. The government's policy to bring schools to respect pluralism, pro-tolerance and anti-radicalism will be followed by the formulation of school curricula and strategies to present a spirit of openness to differences and respect for equality in the education process.

Present in this FGD Izzak Y.M Lattu as Facilitator. He explained that a tolerance must be supported by an appreciation. Because if not, this will actually make the heart so hard. “Tolerance without appreciation actually eats the heart. It is very difficult for us to be able to repeatedly convey about tolerance, tolerant schools, institutions develop tolerance but no appreciation makes other people eat their hearts, "he said.

According to Izzak, there are two things that become a concern as well as a common problem in realizing a peaceful school in schools. According to him, we are seeking spatial justice and strengthening covenantal pluralism in schools. Namely looking for a space of justice that gives birth to peace.

Regarding this, one of the participants, Soleh Amin, the Principal of SMA N 7, said that the school, especially SMA N 7, had implemented the School of Peace concept by opening a space of justice for others to practice their beliefs.

"If what is asked is the policy makers in schools, in this case the principal or waka or those who manage the school, I think everything is going very well, there is no resistance from students when we open the room, in fact everyone is happy with it," he said.
He gave an example that when holding Eid al-Adha (slaughtering sacrificial animals) the committee came from mixed Christians and Muslims. This did not cause any objections between them, on the contrary, they were happy. From the aspect of this justice room for SMA N 7 it is not a problem.

This FGD was also attended by several participants from various institutions, schools, and NGOs such as Mauliya Risalaturrohmah from the Wahid Foundation, Ceprudin from ELSA, Dr. Tedi Kholiludin from the Director of ELSA, Kyai Taslim Sahlan from FKUB Central Java, Novina Aris Dhamara from Puan Hayati, Ardian WN, from SMA N 11, Setyawan Budy from Pelita, Sagino from SMA N 10, Siti Kusrini from DPW AGPAII (Association of Religious Education Teachers Indonesian Islam) Central Java, Siswanto-Principal of SMA N 1 Cepiring Kendal, Dr. Padmaningrum from the Central Java Provincial Education Office, and Dr. Endah Dyah Wardani-Principal of SMA N 13 Semarang.