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Wahid Foundation Develops Gender Fair SOPs

Wahid Foundation held an internal meeting to discuss a series of institutional policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at hotel 101 Bogor, on Thursday-Friday, (3-4/07). A number of institutional policies have been updated, including the SOP on Gender Fairness.

According to the Executive Director of Wahid Foundation, Mujtaba Hamdi, the formulation of gender fair policies in specific SOPs is very important. "This is an institution's effort to ensure Gender Fairness within the institution as well as an effort to protect all staff from sexual violence, both inside and outside the office," said Mujtaba.

The Gender Fair SOPs formulated by Wahid Foundation consist of definitions, Gender Fair principles, technic for mainstreaming Gender fair, and reporting technic for victims' organizations in case a violation of the SOPs occurs, whether it is done by/to agency staff as perpetrators or as victims. According to Mujtaba Hamdi, the sanctions prepared in the SOPs consists of administrative sanctions and legal sanctions if necessary.

This SOPs also applies for a manual guide for institutions in involving individuals and partner institutions. “We want all parties who work with us feel comfortable and safe. All parties respect the principles of gender fairness and apply them in our collaborative works,” added Mujtaba.

In addition to formulating a Gender Fair SOPs, Wahid Foundation also formulated a new SOPs on Safety, Emergency Response, and Security. This is none other than, according to Mujtaba Hamdi, as an effort by the institution to protect all staff from possible threats when staff carry out their duties and work in the office environment and in the field.