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NFT Painting Auction for the Empowerment of Qaryatus Salam Coding Pesantren

Wahid Foundation held a discussion on the outcome of the NFT painting auction initiated by Indodax - an online platform in blockchain and cryptocurrency sales - which will be donated to empower female students at the Qoryatussalam Islamic Boarding School, Yogyakarta on Thursday (24/07/2022).

According to Yenny Wahid, Director of Wahid Foundation and Founder of the Qoryatussalam Islamic Boarding School, the donations made by Indodax will be used to empower female students in the Qoryatussalam Islamic Boarding School, which focused on developing and empowering women in information technology (IT).

“This donation will be utilized to optimize the learning environment of the Qaryatussalam Islamic boarding school students to make it more conducive and generate more creativity in IT. With additional resources, female students will be encouraged to build their own projects, both individually and collectively,” explained Yenny Wahid.

Yenny added that this donation will be used to strengthen the Pesantren curriculum. The female students are encouraged to overcome problems around them. In addition, the students should translate and integrate these solutions into simple technology application designs. Furthermore, she also said that all she has been doing to encourage female students to learn IT is because there are still limited women who take part in this field.

Meanwhile, Oscar Darmawan, Founder of Indodax said that the auction outcome was donated to Pondok Pesantren Qoryatussalam to educate that the crypto assets and blockchain technology can have many benefits, one of which is its contribution to help solve social problems.