17 May 2016 | 14.29 WIB

ISIS Clearly Denying Islam

To many people, even when they state themselves as devoted Muslims, the manouvre of The Islamic State of Iraq and Syiria is nothing less than a barbaric deed worthy of eternal damnation. The ISIS speaks in the name of Islam, even often quoted Al Quraan… | More

17 May 2016 | 07.47 WIB

ISIS, Click Generation and Media Literation

All the barbaric deeds brandished to the eyes of the World by ISIS, one of which recently happened in Paris, hurt anybody sane who uphold humanity. The World painfully ask, does what ISIS do represents the teachings of Islam? Peaceful Islam activists and those who… | More

09 May 2016 | 15.50 WIB

Yenny Wahid, daughter of Indonesia’s former president Gus Dur

On a street lined with mansions in South Jakarta, there is one battered garage door decorated with an Indonesian flag. Easily the least lavish facade on the street, it leads down a few metres of paved garden path to the home of Yenny Wahid, an… | More