23 June 2016 | 10.43 WIB

On Committing Modest Islam, Nahdlatul Ulama’s Style

Ahlussunnah wal Jama’ah (Aswaja) is the core value of Nahdlatul Ulama, which differ NU from the other religious organization in Indonesia, and in the world. True to the process of its birth, NU exists to fight for the values of Aswaja, based on and following… | More

23 June 2016 | 10.37 WIB

The 2016 Loving Islam Movement

The cyber world nowadays is a free forum, not only to express healthy opinions but often to blaspheme and throw vituperations as well. The internet as a communication media that is supposed to stand as a connector between men now lashes up at us as… | More

16 June 2016 | 13.04 WIB

Internationalisation of Moderate Islam: From Islam Nusantara for the Global Culture

These days the world is facing various severe conflicts and civil war declared in the name of race, or even faith. These wars are causing atrocious impacts; instability and devastation is not only destroying the country where the war is taken place, but creeping into… | More

16 June 2016 | 08.20 WIB

Lesson Learned from Islamic Voice Exchange Program

“Our challenge arise when we have to build a dialogue with Christian Majority from a different view point. They didn’t interested in Interfaith, but they are interested in how to build our better live.” Said Catriona, one of a member of Council Faith Forum for… | More

09 June 2016 | 10.16 WIB

Maqasheed Sharia, a Solution to Uproot Terrorism

The bomb blasted in Sarinah (Jakarta) is a solid prove that radical movement, extremism and terrorism are still positioned themselves as threats, both to Indonesia as well as to humanity. It’s also became more apparent that the target is now so blurred we could hardly… | More

07 June 2016 | 11.58 WIB

An Ethical Exhortation

Da’wa (preaching) is one element that couldn’t be left out in the life of religious society. In Islam, da’wa is a must, cast over the shoulders of the believers, whether or not they’re being converted.

In his book Hidayah al Mursyidin, Syeikh Ali Mahfudh as… | More

06 June 2016 | 13.24 WIB

Agnez Mo, Arabic Insciption and easily startled Muslims

In 2014 the Business Insider released an article about the most difficult to learn languages. Arabic gained the top position, having a complicated language structure and the highest numbers of word with variative and multiple meanings. I learned Arabic ever since I was a child.… | More

03 June 2016 | 11.49 WIB

Gus Dur and Le Petit Prince

One of the most memorable literary gem ever written on earth is Le Petit Prince (the Little Prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This relatively thin novel  opened with an intriguing scene: six year old “Me” was fascinated to see a picture he found in a… | More

01 June 2016 | 15.13 WIB

Dive into the Loving Islam of Ibn Arabi

During all these times Ibn Arabi’s thoughts are commonly misinterpreted in the discussions of classical Islam’s knowledge pool, especially in Indonesia. It is not without a cause; the lack of accurate information about the thoughts of this Syaikh al Akbar lead to all the misunderstandings.… | More