24 August 2017 | 18.48 WIB

Sebuah Kunjungan Toleransi Jelang Hari Kemerdekaan

Dalam rangka perayaan hari kemerdekaan Indonesia yang ke 72, kami dari Wahid Foundation bersama sekelompok anak muda alumni pelatihan content creators for Pluralisme and tolerance Jakarta menggelar sebuah kunjungan kecil bertajuk “kunjungan toleransi”Kegiatan ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan sense of tolerance pada setiap peserta kegiatan.

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08 June 2017 | 09.55 WIB

Critiquing the Notion that the Hadith Legitimizes the Killing of Non-Muslims

As a source of law and principles regulating the lives of Muslims, the al-Quran had revealed that Allah SWT created diversity amongst men including race, ethnicity, religion and language. This heterogeneity must therefore inspire men to mutually share and help each other. And not to… | More

08 June 2017 | 09.52 WIB

KH Ma’aruf Amin: Terrorism is not Jihad, Jihad is not Terrorism

Contemporary terrorism is based on religious misinterpretation and distortions, particularly with the concept of Jihad. It is also erroneous that Jihad should be conducted globally as if the world is in a state of war and thus requiring Jihad.


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