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KH Ma’aruf Amin: Terrorism is not Jihad, Jihad is not Terrorism

Contemporary terrorism is based on religious misinterpretation and distortions, particularly with the concept of Jihad. It is also erroneous that Jihad should be conducted globally as if the world is in a state of war and thus requiring Jihad.


These points were emphasized by Rais Aam, Supreme Head of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), and KH Ma’ruf Amin in their opening speeches at a workshop promoting the prevention of online radical contents. This workshop, organized by the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) and NU Online, was attended by youth and mass organizations and held in Millennium Hotel, Jakarta, on Wednesday (22/03/2017).  These participants were fervent advocates of espousing moderate Islam.


Kiai (religious leader) Ma’ruf reminded participants that Indonesia is a peaceful country. “Indonesia is a state based on consensus,” said Kiai Ma’ruf.


Because of this, whoever discriminates against al mu’ahad (non-Muslims who live peacefully in this country) is guilty of reneging on these consensuses. In actuality, what is required is al mukmin ala syurutihim (All Muslims must honour their consensus).


On this basis, NU has always prioritized its tri ukhuwwah (three brotherhood precepts) campaign; namely ukhuwwah Islamiyah (based on Islamic precepts), wathaniyah (nationalism) and insaniyyah (humanity).


Discussions on Jihad must therefore be addressed from a moderate standpoint. KH Ma’ruf Amin highlighted that the notion that Jihad can be pursued through terrorism was wrong. And vice versa. Jihad and terrorism are two different concepts.


This workshop, graced by Suhardi Alius MH, the head of BNPT, concluded with the signing of a commitment by BNPT, NU and media representatives to working together in eradicating radicalism.


Translated by Sham Ismail


Original article can be found on DutaIslam.com

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