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The Wahid Foundation implement Promoting Religious Tolerance through Civil Society and Government Engagement (“PRIORITAS-GO”) by Project Agreement No. AC46900/AIPJ2/WF/GA/016-06-17 start from 1 May 2017 untill 30 June 2020. Program will be completed and the evaluation of internal system Wahid Foundation seeking independent auditor as project auditor for period 1 May 2017-31 December 2019.

Therefore, The Wahid Foundation is inviting credible and independent auditor agencies to apply for this project.

Project Description
- The audit process will take a financial data for AIPJ2 funding from May 2017 untill June 2020 project periode for 2017-2019 fiscal year.
- The selected auditor/ Public accountant responsible to:
a) execute the financial audit process ( financial report, cashflow statement, and compliance)
b) analize and evaluate the performance of the organization’s internal operation system at minimum on financial, operational, managerial, and fraud controls areas to identify risks, areas of improvement, and to ensure that the organization compliance with all relevant regulations, laws, and standards.

Key Objective
• Perform internal audit procedures such as document review, financial review, interviews, etc
• Audit report for PRIORITAS-GO project (Result will receive in the middle of May 2020)
Outcome result
- Management Letter
- Financial Statement and Audit Report
- Annexes of detil report of the audit findings
- Annexes of Budget vs Actual Report.

Please contact us, if you should have any quaery to submit your audit proposal to Wahid Foundation :
Email account : daan@wahidinstitute.org / devi@wahidinstitute.org and phone number : 021-3145671 (office) and 0898-96922-88 (mobile phone Daan) or 0857-316906-97 (mobile phone Devi)