and Advocacy

“Peace without justice is a mere illusion.” K. H. Abdurrahman Wahid

One of the main pillars of the Wahid Foundation is the mainstreaming of the values of peace and justice. In the Foundation’s campaigns, work and advocacy, and in those conducted in cooperation with partners and networks, the emphasis is always on the principles of peace and justice.

In its endeavor to achieve peace and justice, the Wahid Foundation encourages the government to come out with strategic polices, inclusive social arrangements, and measures to assure a democratic climate that is firmly opposed to any form of intolerance and discrimination. Some of the Foundation’s concrete contributions include the provision of mentoring support for the process of drafting laws on the protection of religious communities, and submitting recommendations to the government regarding the formulation of policies that guarantees civic rights.,

The Wahid Foundation is not only active at the policy-making level but also conduct a number of initiatives that touch and involve public participation. World Peace Day, which the Foundation commemorates every year along with hundreds of communities, the counselling and support for victims of intolerance and discrimination, and the establishment of peace-driving communities have now become part of the solutions we offer for strengthening peace.