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1 Indicators For Peace Village; An Initiative to Respond to Violent Extremism and to Maintain Tolerance pdf 0
2 Islam, The Constitution, and Human Rights ; The Problematics of Religious Freedom in Indonesia pdf 0
3 Understanding Intolerance and Radicalism pdf 0
4 Policy Recommendation on Implementation of National Action Plan on Women and Children Protrection and Empowerment in Social Conflict [ RAN P3AKS] 2014-2019 pdf 0
5 Intolerance Among Youth During The Rise of The Muslim Middle-Class in Urban Areas pdf 0
6 Intolerance and Radicalism Amongst Women; Researchin in Five Regions: Bogor, Depok, Great Solo, Malang and Sumenep pdf 0
7 Gus Dur and The Prevention of Religious Extremism pdf 0
8 Annual Report Freedom of Religion and Belief in Indonesia 2017; Eradicating Political Hatred pdf 0
9 Understanding Violent Extremism pdf 0
10 National Survey Report pdf 0
11 Year-End Report on Freedom of Religion of 2015 pdf 0