Working Paper

21 February 2019 | 03.40 WIB

Annual Report Freedom Of Religion And Belief In Indonesia 2017; Eradicating Political Hatred

Since 2008, the Wahid Foundation has been monitoring and reporting on cases relating to Freedom of Religion or Belief in Indonesia. This eight report is intended to provide inputs and recommendations to the government.Download here | More

03 February 2019 | 16.53 WIB

Southeast Asia: The Role Of Women In The Prevention Of Islamist Radicalization And Violent Extremism

In Southeast Asia, Islamist radicalization is mainly rooted in ethno-nationalist grounds and presents an enduring threat to security and safety, as well as socio-economic, political and societal development Indonesia and Malaysia are most affected by Islamic radicalization and recruitment of radical Islamists and will therefore… | More

03 February 2019 | 16.39 WIB

Public Consultation Report On National Action Plan For The Prevention Of Violent Extremism (RAN PE)

That day, Thursday (19/7), the Wahid Foundation in collaboration with the Directorate of Multilateral Regional Cooperation Deputy for International Cooperation at BNPT held a Public Consultation with Civil Society Organisations on the National Action Plan for Combating Violent Extremism that Leads to Terrorism (Rencana Aksi… | More

21 January 2019 | 08.42 WIB

Understanding Intolerance And Radicalism

By Alamsyah Dja'far   Intolerance and radicalism can be seen as different things, but are often treated as the same. Intolerance is generally a gateway to violent radicalism. Acts of intolerance generally does not use violence, while radicalism does. In this pointer Alamsyah M Dja’far… | More