Organization Structure



Yenny Wahid

Yenny Wahid, the second daughter of H.E. Abdurrahman Wahid, was a former journalist for the Australian newspapers, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. A graduate from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government where she obtained a master’s degree in Public Administration, Yenny was appointed as a member of the special staff for political communication working in the office of President Yudhoyono in 2006, before leaving a year later to concentrate on her work with grass roots communities. In 2009 she was named as one of the Young Global Leader honorees by the World Economic Forum, along with the likes of Tiger Woods and Mark Zuckenberg. She is currently, amongst other positions she holds, a member of the Global Council on Faith. 

Executive Director


Mujtaba Hamdi

Mujtaba Hamdi is an Executive Director of the Wahid Foundation. He also serves as a lecturer in Sociology at the Indonesian Nahdlatul Ulama University (UNUSIA). Mujtaba has more than 15 years of experience and responsibilities in working on freedom of expression and pluralism, socio-ecological justice, equal access to media and information, and participatory governance. Between 2001-2007, he was a co-founder, an editor-in-chief, and a columnist of Syir’ah, a monthly magazine covering diversity and religious issues through openness and tolerance lenses. Between 2007-2008, he worked with Desantara (a national NGO) to conduct research, advocacy, and campaigns for cultural diversity, indigenous culture, and minorities. Between 2008-2010, he supported a strategic campaign for the victims of the Lapindo environmental disaster by creating the Kanal Newsroom, which operated in the field to air victims’ voices to national and international communities.

Before joining Wahid Foundation, Mujtaba was the Executive Director of MediaLink, a national NGO working mostly on equal access to media and information. Mujtaba also has ample experience in engaging various state agencies, regional and international communities, for example, through his involvement in Southeast Asia Press Alliance (SEAPA), Open Government Partnership (OGP), and 16 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Between 2017-2018, he sat as a CSO Executive Member of the Strategic Coordination Team for the Open Government Indonesia (OGI). Mujtaba holds a Master of Arts in Anthropology from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia.

Program Development Manager and MEL Specialist


Visna Vulovik

Visna has 10 years’ experience in program development management of Preventing Violent Extremism and Conflict Transformation issues. Have leadership activities in engaging network in every role, and be trusted as Program Performance Specialist in Wahid Foundation. Since 2013, she actively develops several development program that influenced to grass root. She also active in developing the Preventing Violent Extremism Program for five-year plan. This program itself is based on the request of the Government of Indonesia, through The Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs (Kemenkopolhukam).

She success in initiating Peace Village in 3 provinces in Indonesia. Peace Village initiative encourages communities to establish an early warning system to detect potential for intolerance and radicalism in their communities. Her another innovative work that she has done well is involving technology to spread tolerance narrative using Google platform. In 2017, she becomes one of Indonesia’s Leadership Fellow under the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program (IVLP); and become Wahid Foundation’s representative as an active member in South East Asia Network – CSO (SEAN CSO) on CVE led by Deakin University. Recently, her project became one of 60 selected projects from more than 900 applications. This project presented in the prestigious event of Paris Peace Forum 2018, attended by President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

Program Manager 


Alamsyah M. Dja'far

Alamsyah M. Djafar is a Program Manager of the Wahid Foundation. For nearly ten years, he has been involved in working on religious freedom issues and advocating religious minority rights in Indonesia. Alam leads the team at the Wahid Foundation that publishes annual reports on religious freedom in Indonesia. Since 2015, he also has been focusing his research on preventing and countering violent extremism and supporting public policy, and getting involved in community development. He has published many articles in numerous media outlets, as well as books regarding religious freedom and violent extremism in Indonesia. Through the Wahid Foundation, Alam has been engaging in the promotion of religious tolerance at both regional and international levels.

Finance Manager


Edy Suranta Sebayang 

Edy Suranta Sebayang has financial management experience for more than 11 years in several International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO). Over the course, he gained a lot of work experience in managing and reporting international Donors funds for huge and ambitious programs with complex accounting systems. In 2006, he was undertake as a Senior Finance Manager of the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) Indonesia Delegation for tsunami recovery program funded by Canada Government (CIDA). In mid-of 2009, he was undertake as a Finance and Administration Manager in Lutheran World Relief (LWR) Indonesia. Further, between mid-of 2010 until December 2016, he worked as a Senior Finance Manager of Swisscontact Indonesia in Sustainability Cocoa Production Program (SCPP) funded by World Bank, SECO, IDH, MCA-US GOV, IFAD, and private sectors fund. Commences October 2018, he is working as a Finance Manager in Wahid Foundation.

HRGA Manager 


Diah Rahmawati

She is currently the Wahid Foundation’s Human Resources and General Affairs (HRGA) Manager, who joined in February of 2019. This elegant bespectacled woman has work experience as a manager of HRGA at the Indonesian Law and Policy Study Foundation (YSHK), which houses the Indonesian Center for Law and Policy Studies (PSHK) and the Indonesian Law College of Jentera. As an HRGA Manager, Diah is responsible for managing activities related to HR in general and also ensuring that office operations meet the standards.

Senior Finance Officer 

Sri Handayani

Sri Handayani was born in Jakarta and obtained a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Economics at the Mercu Buana University in 2012. She is now working at the Wahid Foundation in the finance department.

Media & Camapign Senior Officer


Siti Kholisoh

Siti Kholisoh is a Senior Media and Campaign Officer at the Wahid Foundation. For about 10 years, she has been active in various campaigns for Peace and Tolerance in Islam through networks of Islamic boarding schools and religious organizations. Since starting her career at the Wahid Foundation since 2013 as Secretary and General Affairs officer, she has actively assisted in the operational management of the Wahid Foundation. In 2016, Olis as she is familiarly known, was responsible for the media and advocacy for the PRIORITAS program (Promoting Religious Tolerance Through Civil Society) in collaboration with the Wahid Foundation and AIPJ. In 2018, she just received an Australian Awards short course scholarship for Multifaith Women Leadership at Deakin University. Over the past few years Olis has also been active as the initiator of several Islamic media campaign programs in collaboration with various Moderate Islamic media networks including Itikaf Ramadhan, Muslimah for Change, Hijabers Talk, Islam for Busy People, and Sekolah Damai (Peace School).

Capacity Building Officer


Aprida Sondang 

Aprida Sondang holds her Bachelor Degree from Universy of Indonesia, majoring Psychology. After exploring private sectors and being active in voluntary works, she cultivates her interest in development sector. She joined KOMPAK – Governance for Growth in 2015, a DFAT-funded program which supporting priority areas of GoI programs towards poverty alleviation and guided by Indonesia’s national development objectives in the current medium-term development plan (RPJMN). She is also involved in Gerakan Mari Berbagi and selected to be one of delegate for Homestay Leadership Program in Australia. This program promotes the value of “living beyond ourself” and “sharing in diversity” among young leaders. In 2015, Aprida was selected to be one of LPDP (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education) awardee and continued her Master program in University of Manchester, focusing on Pyschology in Education.

Policy & Research Officer


Libasut Taqwa

He was born in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Sharia Law, State Islamic University (UIN) Sunan Ampel Surabaya. In 2017, he completed a postgraduate program in Political Studies and Middle East International Relations at the University of Indonesia's School of Strategic and Global Studies. Since 2017, he has joined the Wahid Foundation in the field of research and policy. He can be contacted via email at

Media & Campaign Officer 


Davida Ruston Khusen

Born in Jember, 27 years ago, has been the Wahid Foundation's Media and Campaign Officer since mid-August 2018. Previously, David (his nickname) pursued a career in the world of journalism. He was an editor for Majalah Aula 2012-2015 and a reporter at, an SBO TV Surabaya subsidiary online news portal. Besides working, David is currently pursuing his master's degree at the University of Indonesia.

Graphic Designer & Creative Officer


Mohammad Rifky Fadly Akbar

Rifky works at Wahid Foundation as a Graphic & Creative Designer. He joins the media and campaign team to assist with regard to visualizing social media content or institutional needs. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication Design from the Faculty of Art and Design, Trisakti University.

Procurement Officer


Devi Elsa Pratiwi

Devi Elsa Pratiwi, born on 30 April 1992, in Bondowoso, East Java, was an Initiator and a President of a social community called Sharing inspiration by Creative Traveling (SICT) that focuses on social, humanitarian, education, and human resource development issues. In 2017, she inititated Jahitan Ibu (Mother's Stitches) Gallery as a social entrepreneurship project in order to establish an SICT's alternative funding source, and to empower housewives to gain economic independence. She graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, Paramadina University, Jakarta. She received a Paramadina Benny Subianto Fellowship in 2012.

In 2013, she started her career in Jakarta as a private teacher for children with ADHD and mental retardation. She has worked in diverse fields of work such as journalism, research and policy, psychological consultancy, NGOs. She has also worked in several projects conducted by state ministries. Further, she was an intern in the Human Resource Management Department of the Blue Bird Group in 2016. Between 2016 - 2017, she worked as a staff in the HRM Recruitment, Selection, & Training Development Department of the ASTEL Group (PT. Aneka Spring Telekomindo). She was also a speaker in conferences and seminars. One of them was the Youth Conference: Empowering Young People to Create Positive Change for Senior High School Students in South Sumatera. Devi stands with attitude, integrity, honesty, professionalism, and detail-orientedness.

Finance Officer 


Dessy Puspita Sari

Dessy Puspita Sari, born in Bogor in 1994, is the first child of two. She first started working for the Wahid Foundation in mid-September 2017 as a Field Finance Officer in the Depok-Bogor region before joining the operational team at the Wahid Foundation in October 2017 as a Staff in the finance department. Her responsibilities include ensuring financial reports are in accordance with the financial accountancy standard (SAK). Her educational background in Accounting strongly supported her career in Finance and Accounting. Before working with the Wahid Foundation, Dessy worked as an auditor in a public accounting firm (KAP) in Jakarta from 2015-2017.