24 November 2020 | 19.02 WIB

Wahid Foundation and AGPAII Hold a Webinar on Creative Ideas for the Application of a Peaceful Culture in Schools

Jakarta - Wahid Foundation together with the Association of Indonesian Islamic Religious Education Teachers (AGPAII) held a discussion through the Community Talk program, which was broadcast live on the Wahid Foundation Youtube channel and Zoom Meeting, Friday, 20/11. This event raised the topic of ways… | More

24 November 2020 | 18.52 WIB

C-Talk Wahid Foundation, Siswoyo Shares 7 Tips So that Students Don't Saturate Living with PJJ

Jakarta - In the Webinar session "Community Talk; Creative Ideas for Implementing a Peaceful Culture in Schools in Distance Learning ”organized by the Wahid Foundation in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Islamic Religious Education Teachers (AGPAII). Distance Learning Consultant (PJJ) Setiyo Iswoyo said the… | More

14 November 2020 | 16.29 WIB

Strengthening the Understanding and Values ??of Pancasila to Students, AGPAII Semarang City Holds Pancasila Webinars in the Eyes of Students

Semarang - As an effort to improve the understanding and application of the values ??of Pancasila to middle and upper level students, AGPAII Semarang City held a webinar with the theme "Pancasila in the Eyes of Students: The Young Talk" on Saturday (14/11). The seminar… | More

03 November 2020 | 12.35 WIB

Gus Dur's daughter Yenny Wahid visits Sidomulyo Peace Village

Yenny Wahid, daughter of former President Abdur Rachman Wahid (Gus Dur) and Director of the Wahid Foundation, on Sunday (11/1/2020) visited Sidomulyo Village in Batu City, Batu District. According to Siti Yulaikah, who is familiarly called Yuli (Coordinator of the Peace Village, Sidomulyo Village, Batu… | More

09 October 2020 | 16.23 WIB

Encouraging the Implementation of a Culture of Peace in Schools, Wahid Foundation Reminds the Importance of Policies at the School Level

Semarang - Tuesday morning (9/10) Semarang Religious Research and Development Agency (BLA) Ministry of Religion held a webinar with the theme "Peaceful Cultural Education through Religious Education in Schools" online through Zoom Meeting and broadcast live through the BLA Semarang youtube channel. In his remarks,… | More

26 July 2020 | 07.56 WIB

Recruitment : Program Officer, Research & Policy

We are looking for a Program Officer to join our team! Program Officer position is needed to support Program Manager in implementing and monitoring a certain project (e.g daily reporting, project management, monitoring, communication and build partnership) and ensure a successful performance from all project… | More

29 October 2019 | 07.22 WIB

Sekolah Damai guides schools to combat intolerance, radicalism

Jakarta-Moderate Islamic think-tank the Wahid Foundation knows that in order to root out radicalism and intolerance in schools, it has to start with the teachers. The foundation has joined forces with the Indonesian Islamic Education Teachers Association (AGPAII) to develop a program called Sekolah Damai… | More

08 June 2017 | 09.55 WIB

Critiquing the Notion that the Hadith Legitimizes the Killing of Non-Muslims

As a source of law and principles regulating the lives of Muslims, the al-Quran had revealed that Allah SWT created diversity amongst men including race, ethnicity, religion and language. This heterogeneity must therefore inspire men to mutually share and help each other. And not to… | More

08 June 2017 | 09.52 WIB

KH Ma’aruf Amin: Terrorism is not Jihad, Jihad is not Terrorism

Contemporary terrorism is based on religious misinterpretation and distortions, particularly with the concept of Jihad. It is also erroneous that Jihad should be conducted globally as if the world is in a state of war and thus requiring Jihad.   These points were emphasized by… | More

20 February 2017 | 14.40 WIB

Islam and Climate Change

And do not walk upon the earth exultantly. Indeed, you will never tear the earth [apart], and you will never reach the mountains in height. (Al-Isra’ :37) More than one year ago, to be exact on August 17-18, 2015, Muslim intellectuals from various countries gathered… | More