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“To break the chain of the spread of Covid-19, everyone needs to do social distancing and stay at home. As a consequence, many people are compelled to stop working so they need our help to survive,” said Yenny Wahid, Director of the Wahid Foundation.

The United Nations Agency for the International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (UN-ISDR) reported in 2011 that Indonesia is among the most vulnerable to disasters in the world.

The high-risk status is calculated from the number of people who are at risk of losing their lives if natural and social disasters occur. For this reason, our cooperation is needed to increase awareness of disaster response and to help one another, giving a hand to the affected ones.

To realize KH Abdurrahman Wahid's humanitarian mission, the Wahid Foundation continues his concrete ideas and actions by encouraging philanthropic activities and disaster response throughout Indonesia. Since 2004, the Wahid Foundation has distributed and provided humanitarian assistance and social services for tsunami victims in Aceh (2004), earthquake victims in Yogyakarta (2006); the Babelan flood in Jakarta (2007), and the assistance of the Merapi eruption and the Mentawai tsunami (2010). In collaboration with various components of civil society, the Wahid Foundation also provides scholarships for children affected by disasters through the Riyanto Scholarship.

Fight Against Corona Virus

Since the end of 2019, the world has been struck by the Corona Virus outbreak, or what is known as Covid-19. Millions of people are infected, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. In Indonesia alone, up to April 2020, there were 6,575 Corona positive patients and a total of 582 deaths.

For this reason, the Wahid Foundation invites you to help the affected Covid-19:

  1. Doctors and paramedics who are in the vanguard of the hospital handling Corona,
  2. Families whose daily lives depend on temporary works such as honorary teachers, non-state preschool teachers, Quran tutors, honorary / technical workers who lost their jobs due to the Pandemic.

You can donate through:

Bank Mandiri:


Ac. 070-000-726624-5

Swift code: BMRIIDJA

or this following link:


and Benihbaik: 

Let's #FightCoronaTogether by #StayAtHome